Collection: Pratishtha Paithani Collection

Paithani is One of the richest arts of our country which is estimated to be 2000 years old. A Paithani saree was associated with royalty, and treated as a priced possession.

However Paithani lost its charm somewhere down the line despite it's distinct art pattern and richness of fabric. It was used during weddings by selected classes, only to be kept away in the wardrobe for long spells.

Soniya’s inborn designing flair urged her to work on the Paithani weaves to enliven it's lost charm. Her innovative mind could look beyond the Paithani being draped just as a saree. So when she heard about the theme "Differents" at J D Annual Design Awards 2017, she right away decided to launch her first ever collection 'PRATISHTHA' to restore the grace of the timeless weave. Being passionate and innovative about designing, Soniya blended the heritage traditional fabric being used as a saree with modern Indo Western styles for she all along believes that when an art form is contemporised,it gets recognition and appreciation from people who are more into fusion and western wear.

Soniya made several trips to Yeola ... 195 kms away from Mumbai, a major handloom weaving centre of Paithani to obtain the desired motifs and colours of the fabric. This was not an easy task as being a totally new concept, a lot of co-ordination was required to be carried out with the weavers. However the efforts were fruitful indeed as Soniya's 'PRATISHTHA' collection was highly appreciated and won her an Award !

The 'PRATISHTHA' collection consists of Garments bathed in peacock, parrot, lotus and geometric motifs displaying contemporary silhouettes, including trousers, jackets,long kurtas, dhoti pants and sarong skirts in bold and bright fuschia pink, deep peacock green,blooming parrot green, vibrant lavender.

With this collection, Paithani has yet again emerged as the hot stuff and these attires are in high demand ever since. Soniya keeps adding new attires to the collection and even customises outfits as per each client's fashion needs.