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Summer Vibes Lucknowi Collection

'SUMMER VIBES LUCKNOWI COLLECTION' is a trendy treat of beautiful attires made... 

Pratishtha Paithani Collection

Paithani is One of the richest arts of our country which is... 

Stars in Label Soniya Saanchi

Label Soniya Saanchi is grateful and proud to be associated with well known celebrities and has designed outfits for their special ocassion for almost a decade. Here is the glimpse

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If you love something on our website, make it yours while you can. All amazing designer garments you see are unique and tastefully designed with love and care. Once your favourite piece is sold, it may never be remade again or ensure its availability in the future.

  • Celebs Speak

    A good observer, a great listener and of course a wonderful designer.
    - Mahesh Kale (Classical Singer, Performer, Music Teacher)

  • Celebs Speak

    Saree is my first love and soniya sanchi never fails to make me fall in love with its designs. It makes me feel beautiful comfortable and warm. Thank you so much ☺️ lots of love.

    - Sayali Sanjeev (Film & TV Actress)

  • Celebs Speak

    Soniya has been really kind in helping me out with my styling. Her Summer Vibes Collection is totally of my taste as it's all tasetefully designed Lucknowi Chikankari which I absolutely admire. She has created some beautiful statement outfits for me. As a person she is always smiling and ready to help me in my styling even at the last minute. So thank you so much for always making me look elegant and stylish.
    - Priyanka Barve (Indian Playback Singer & Actress)

  • Celebs Speak

    Soniya from Label Soniya Sanchi is someone who has made me feel absolutely comfortable and has designed each and every Outfit to match my personality and that gave me confidence to carry all the wonderful outfite she has made for me. She has a unique style and adheres to each and every detail to make you look good for your special events. My best wishes to dear Soniya and her Label.
    - Shailaja Subramanian (Professional Singer & Live Performer)

  • Celebs Speak

    I am big a fan of Soniya Saanchi & her work. She never fails to amaze me every time. Her creativity is par excellence. Never seen such detailed work before. My best wishes to her.
    - Dipesh Varma (Bollywood percussionist and Rhythm Producer)

  • Celebs Speak

    फॅशन शोजचं कव्हरेज किंवा सेलिब्रिटींच्या फोटोंमधून दिसतं ते केवळ फॅशन डिझायनिंगचं चकचकीत आणि वरवरचं जग असतं. या क्षेत्रात नाव कमवायचं, ते टिकवायचं आणि उत्तम व्यवसाय करत राहायचा तर कष्टाला पर्याय नाही. कापड विणण्याच्या दुनियेत नवं काय सुरु आहे, कारागिरांकडून नवं काय विणून घेता येईल यासाठी आणि त्या कापडातून जगाला आकर्षित करणारा पेहराव साकारायचा तर तुम्हाला प्रयोगशील राहावं लागतं. त्यासाठी सततचा अभ्यास, वेळोवेळी प्रवास आणि पारखं निरीक्षण हवंच. ते तुम्ही करत राहिलात तरच व्यवसायाचा डोलारा आणि तुमच्या नावाभोवती निर्माण झालेलं वलय हे टिकवता येत असतं. सोनियानं आपल्या मेहनतीनं ती किमया साधलीय. म्हणूनच फॅशन डिझायनिंगच्या रॅम्पवर एका मराठी मुलीचं 'लेबल' आज उठून दिसतंय.

    विजय साळवी
    (स्पोर्टस जर्नालिस्ट आणि न्यूज प्रेझेंटर, एबीपी माझा)